Shaving Tips for Men

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Shaving tips are easy to find online, but what isn’t easy to find are practical tips for guys that deal with ingrown hairs and razor-burn.

I’ve dealt with both and it made shaving an absolutely dreadful experience.

That is, until I got a bit shaving education, and used the knowledge to not only get a better shave, but to also practically stop any irritation that stemmed from shaving.

5 Shaving Suggestions for Men

The first step is to use a pre-shave oil. Doing so helps prep the skin and provides extra protection against the razor. Think of it as the engine in a car oil; without it, things would run rough.

Once you have you’re a good pre-shave oil, you’ll want to use a high-quality shaving cream. What this will do is help lift the beard for an easy shave.

Next up, make sure you apply the cream with a bager hair brush. Yes, I’m talking about the old school kind that your dad or grandfather used. This is a crucial step as it helps evenly apply the shaving cream, and also helps exfoliate the skin and raise the beard. The raising the beard part is what helps with ingrowns.

Now it’s time to toss out your current razor and go purchase a safety razor. This are single blade razors that are sharp on both sides – think of it as a double sided box cutter. The razors are weighted and become an important aspect in helping you learn how to shave properly, get a close shave, and get rid of ingrowns. I can’t tell you enough how much this helped me.

Finally, you’ve achieved a great shave. Given that you virtually just scraped layers (gross, I know) of your skin off, it’s time to prepare it with an aftershave. We aren’t going for the Home Alone scream, so make sure it doesn’t have alcohol in it – you’ll be sorry if it does. This step is meant to moisturize the skin, but get something quality so you don’t clog your pores.
If you follow to these 5 shaving tips you’ll be on the road to getting a better shave and have less irritated skin. Once you start to get a better shave, you may be able to go back to a razor such as the Fusion. Although, upon doing so make sure you continue to use the shaving techniques learned during your time with the safety razor – they are very important.


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